Author Topic: Do I have to stay put even if I dislike my new work place?  (Read 555 times)


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At times, days after landing in a job you realise that this isn't what you were expecting. Sometimes, the job description is inadequate and sometimes the boss is unbearable. But do you have to stay in there as you've just joined?

In these tough times, youíve managed to get a job but is it giving you more sleepless nights than your previous one? Well! Itís time to introspect. Many a time, the apparent dream job turns sour for many reasons. At times, your and the managementís job expectations differ, sometimes, you donít get along with your boss or sometimes you find it difficult to gel with the team. Donít fret as youíre not alone in this journey. It happens to many, who find themselves in a veritable hell a few days after joining their new position.


The first basic thing is to figure out what has gone awry for you. Iím sure before you had taken up the job you had done your homework well. You had researched about the company, the position and taken all the necessary precautions. But then how did it all go so wrong? Understandably, you cannot have gauged your bossís behaviour during the interview; and may be the person who had interviewed you might not be your reporting manager, who makes your life miserable. Here are some more reasons why the new job doesnít work in your favour:


    The designation and the responsibilities donít match
    You donít get along with colleagues and dislike the new environment
    The job description mentioned isnít what you do, limiting your growth


So what do you do now? Do you feel itís too late to turn down the offer? It never works that way though. A friend of mine, found it difficult to adjust when she found out that she wasnít getting along with her boss. Initially she was hesitant to resign thinking that things would get better but it started getting worse and she finally put in the papers. How do you go about tackling this?


    Discuss the matter to put things in the right perspective: It is our inherent human nature to have second thoughts and do comparisons. You might have your doubts in the first few weeks or maybe months of joining the new job. But if this continues for sometime and even after having a discussion with your boss and you still feel lost and demotivated, itís time to jump the ship and look for another one even if youíve spend a few months at this job.
    Donít drag it for long thinking things would improve: Try to leave before it gets too late and unbearable. You will never gain anything by staying in a position that you detest and regret joining; rather youíll lose more. The more you delay, the more frustrated youíll be. Also your frustration can end in low productivity levels which can taint your reputation, damaging future better career prospects. So, serve notice and move on. If youíre an intern or a probationer, you can leave with little or no notice in the extreme cases.
    Do a self analysis introspecting well: Before you finally call it off, think about the pros and cons well. Take stock of your position and do deep soul searching. Even in a new place, you can have a boss whoíll make your life hell and the same problems might arise once again. Ask yourself why do you want to move on? Is it for a better challenge or for acquiring new skills or is it for just money? Figure out the key motivating factors to form the basis of your new search. Try and check before lest what went wrong in your present company gets repeated.
    Put it right: If your hopes and aspirations have fallen flat, donít despair. Donít worry about the short stint in the CV if you can explain things justifiably. That youíre ready for change demonstrates that you strive to develop your career, yearn for new experiences and acquiring skills and try to use them effectively in your new role.


Just have faith in yourself and move on as thereís nothing absolutely right or wrong. And you don't have to slog in an environment which you disapprove of.