Author Topic: Tangail District-District of Baggha Freedom Fighters  (Read 1486 times)


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Tangail District-District of Baggha Freedom Fighters
« on: July 26, 2012, 03:07:30 AM »
Tangail District

Tangail (Bengali: টাঙ্গাইল জিলা) is a district (zilla) in central region of Bangladesh. It is a part of the Dhaka division. The population of Tangail zilla is about 3.2 million and its surface area is 3,414.39 km˛. [1]The main town of Tangail District is the district town Tangail. It is surrounded by the several districts, such as Jamalpur district on the north, the Dhaka and Manikganj districts on the south, the Mymensingh and Gazipur districts on the east, and the Sirajganj district on the west. The main rivers that cross the Tangail district are the Jamuna, Dhaleshwari, Jhenai, Bangshi, Lohajang, Langulia, Elongjani, Jugni, Fotikjani and the Turag.


The subdivision of Tangail was established in 1870. It was turned into a district on December 1, 1969.[2]The district consists of 5 corporations, 8 municipalities, 72 wards, 211 mahallas, 103 union parishads and 2431 villages. Tangail is subdivided into 12 subdistricts (upazila/thana). The name of the upuzilas are: Tangail Sadar, Sakhipur, Basail, Madhupur, Ghatail, Kalihati, Nagarpur, Mirzapur, Gopalpur, Delduar, Bhuapur and Dhanbari.


The famous Kagmari Conference (1957), Sannyasi revolt (1850) and Peasant revolt (1858) were originated from this district. During the Liberation War, Abdul Kader Siddiqui of Tangail independently led military operations against Pakistan army. His group, named Kaderia Bahini, led many successful guerrilla operations in this district,
During the Liberation War, in September 1971 ,"Vobishoth Bahini" founder "LALMIA"(Md.Shah-Nur-E-Aziz) who was just 12(11y8m) years old then, led his group to assist the "Mitra Bahini("Indian Satri Bahini" Indian Airdrop Army)" and "Mukti Bahini(Bangladesh Liberation Army)". His force conducted many successful guerrilla operations from Basail thana of this Tangail district.
In 1996, a devastating tornado caused heavy damage to a few villages of Tangail.

Heritage of Tangail

•   Porabari Cham-Cham
•   Tangail Tanter Saree
•   Household utensils made of bell metal
•   Madhupur Pineapple
•   Seetal Pati (Hinganagar Village)
•   Bananas (Modhupur gor)
•   Jackfruit(Modhupur,Ghatail)
•   An old tree named Tomal at Gupta Brindaban,Ghatail.