Author Topic: 3 Steps to Successful Goal Setting and Motivation  (Read 1800 times)


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3 Steps to Successful Goal Setting and Motivation
« on: February 17, 2013, 11:23:07 AM »
Everyone knows you need a goal, goal setting for achievementor at least a sense of direction, in order to get somewhere.  But I’m talking about motivation and goal setting for extraordinary change; change that can not only turn a team around, but an entire business.  I’m talking about motivation and goal setting that can change your life.  The following are three ways to turn up the volume on your motivation and light a fire under your goals.

1.  Inspiration

Inspiration is critical to getting and then staying motivated, and self-improvement rarely comes without it.  Without stating the obvious, inspiration is the foundation to well, just about everything.  It creates what I like to call the ‘domino effect’.  Inspire your team and you’ll improve their motivation; improve their motivation and you’ll improve their performance; improve their performance and you’ll  improve your business… and so on. 

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?  Simply greet each team member as they arrive for work, tap them on the head and command:  You’re inspired!  You’re inspired!  You’re inspired!   ….If only inspiration was as easy as a tap on the head!

So what really works?  What inspires you?  What gets you excited?  For some people, truth is inspiring; for others it’s all about results.  Personally, I find inspiration in my faith, the love of my family, and in helping people.  Professionally, I thrive on the challenge of a project and the satisfaction I get when a plan comes together well -- when you can ‘see the fruits of your labor’. 

Take the time to identify what inspires you so that you can bring that passion to your work.  In other words, your goal should be to understand what inspires you and find ways to channel your inspiration into energy and excitement -- in everything you do.  Inspiration is contagious!   Reflect on your goals every day by looking at what inspires or motivates your objectives and find ways to share your inspiration and excitement with those around you.

2.  Setting Strategic Objectives

Unfortunately, successful goal setting doesn’t just fall out of the sky!  Whether you’re setting goals for yourself or for your company, the process takes time and thought.   It all starts with knowing your overall direction and then determining the best steps that will take you where you want to go.  So first and foremost, you must decide what it is you want to achieve, then determine the steps to get there.

With your overall direction in mind, begin the task of determining your steps and setting corresponding goals by talking with your team members.  That’s right, brainstorming with your team (or for personal goals, brainstorming with a spouse or trusted friend) is one of the best ways to ensure you’ve considered all the possibilities -- and will help you clarify your objectives and determine the best course of action.

From a business perspective there is no better way to get “Buy In” for your plans than by asking for input.  Remain open and accept ideas without being judgmental.  Keep in mind that goal setting is a process.  At this stage, try not to curb any creativity that could dampen team wisdom!  Most importantly, take notes!  Write it all down. 

Next, work with your team to sift through all the ideas, narrow them down, and begin to chart your course.  Take time to consider all suggestions, but keep your team on course – lead them in creating your best path forward.

3.  Choose to Succeed

Yep, that’s what I said. Choose to succeed.  If you’ve read any of my articles or my book, you’ve noticed one recurring theme: Choice. There are all kinds of ways to find motivation or inspiration. You can find it on a mountain, in a church, at a rally, from an adoring friend, or in a self-help book. But, it all boils down to being able to motivate yourself, and that is a choice.  You’ve got to choose to get up in the morning; choose to make an effort; choose to follow through on your plans; choose to make a difference. If you can’t do this for yourself, then why should anyone else? By the way, choosing to fail is just as easy – hit the snooze button and wait, I promise failure will find you sooner or later.

I’m sure there are as many ways to promote successful goal setting and stimulate motivation on a daily basis as there are team leaders -- these are just three.  But, they’re three good ones.