Author Topic: How to invest through a Custodian in Bangladesh  (Read 1700 times)


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How to invest through a Custodian in Bangladesh
« on: June 19, 2013, 10:41:53 AM »
o Open a FC account and NITA with any AD of the Bangladesh Bank.

o Open a Custodian Account with any of the SEC registered Securities Custodian.

o Your Custodian will open a Stock Broking Account with any member of the Stock Exchange.

o Custodian will act as an Operator of your Stock Broking Account.

o The Custodian will also open a BO Account with CDBL in order to trade dematerialized shares and act as a POA to your BO Account.

o Remit foreign currency in the local FC Account from abroad with instruction to the Custodian for crediting NITA.

o The Custodian will arrange payment to the member for crediting Stock Broking Account.

o Send securities trading instruction to your Custodian through e-mail or fax.

o Receive securities transaction statement through e-mail or fax from your Custodian.

o Instruct your Custodian for remitting fund from Bangladesh to you.

o You can open FC Account, NITA, BO Account & Custodian Account with the same bank and your Stock Broking Account can be opened at the same place provided the bank has Custodian license, Subsidiary Brokerage & Authorized Dealership for one-stop solution.